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Prof. Alexander Stanischeff Prize Winners 2017

The International Journal of Surgery and Medicine (IJSM) and Bulgarian Association of Young Surgeons (BAYS) are delighted to announce you the winners about "Prof. Alexander Stanischeff Prize" for the best articles published in the IJSM for 2017.

The Prof. Alexander Stanischeff Prize is awarded annually for the IJSM articles that, in the opinion of the Editors and Reviewers, most contribute to the knowledge of medical issues and the development of science.

The Editors and Reviewers of the IJSM selected the best articles according to article type categories: 1) Best Original Article; 2) Best Review Article; 3) Best Case Report. The assessment of the papers was performed by 72 researchers in the IJSM by Survey Monkey Questionnaire that consisted of five options for voting:

1 Star: Interesting paper

2 Stars: The article may improve my skills

3 Stars: The article may be recommended

4 Stars: The article may have a significant effect

5 Stars: The article may be cited.

The Editors and the Reviewers of the International Journal of Surgery and Medicine have awarded 2017 Prof. Alexander Stanischeff Prize to:

Original Article:

1. Yosyp Grytsenko et al: "The evaluation of risk factors of anastomotic leakage in patients with colorectal cancer complicated by ileus". Total score by 66 researchers in the IJSM: 2.92 weighted average (1 star=12; 2 stars=11; 3 stars=25; 4 stars=6; 5 stars=12).

2. Wagih Ghnnam et al: "Early versus interval cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis: 5 years local experience." Total score by 67 researchers in the IJSM: 2.82 weighted average (1 star=11; 2 stars=11; 3 stars=15; 4 stars=15; 5 stars=9).

3. Adel Elbaih et al: "A Comparative Study of Risk Stratifications Scores for Acute Heart Failure Patients in the Emergency Department, Egypt". Total score by 66 researchers in the IJSM: 2.45 weighted average (1 star=21; 2 stars=15; 3 stars=15; 4 stars=9; 5 stars=6).

Review Article

1.Giulia Montori et al.: "Temporary abdominal closure techniques in open abdomen: preliminary data of international register of open abdomen (IROA): patient enrollment is still ongoing". Total score by 63 researchers in the IJSM: 2.48 weighted average (1 star=18; 2 stars=17; 3 stars=14; 4 stars=8; 5 stars=6).

Case Report

1.Rajneesh Kumar et al: Surgical blade retrieval from Abdomen by Laparotomy after 5 yrs! Case report and Review of literature on retained foreign bodies in abdomen. The total score by 65 researchers in the IJSM: 2.48 weighted average (1 star=20; 2 stars=15; 3 stars=16; 4 stars=7; 5 stars=7).

The winners will get MD Submission Article Plan; free subscription for print issues in 2018 and Award certificates!