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Vol.3 №2 2017

IJSM. Year: 2017, Volume: 3, Issue: 2

The effect of the management with fresh frozen plasma on the outcome of patients with acute organophosphate poisoning
Sameh Saad; Monira Ismail; Rania K.H. Hashish; Rehab I. Abdel-Karim; Mohamed Abdel Aal; Gouda El-labban
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 70-77
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Comparison of the diagnostic accuracies of four main otoscopic examination methods
Murat Kocyigit; Cem Uzun
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 78-84
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Optimising resources for surgical procedures in Low resource settings: an Ontological Analysis
Sreekar Agumbe Pai; Nanda Kumar Bidare Sastry; Monisha Madhumita; Arkalgud Ramaprasad; Thant Syn
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 85-89
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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy as a day surgery operation: two centers experience
Wagih Mommtaz Ghnnam; Mohamed ElSaid Abd Ellatif; Turki Maed Elbeshry; Mohammed Eid Alzahrany; Ahmad Ali Alqarni; Saad khamis alshahrani
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 90-95
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Reamed versus unreamed intramedullary nailing in the treatment of elderly pertrochanteric femoral fractures: evaluation of the systemic inflammatory response and organ dysfunction
Michele Bisaccia; Fulvio Nisi; Giuseppe Rinonapoli; Eleonora Natali; Luigi Meccariello; Andrea Schiavone; Paolo Ceccarini; Olga Bisaccia; Auro Caraffa
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 96-102
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Treatment of distal humerus fractures with Extra-articular Locking Compression Plate technique
Sushant Uday Chavan; Lokesh Gudda Naik; Gaurav Mahesh Sharma; Faisal Qureshi
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 103-106
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Iatrogenic Pharyngoesophageal Perforation In The Neonatal Period – Clues For Conservative Treatment
Ognyan Brankov; Hristo Shivachev; Daniela Antonova; Yanko Pahnev
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 107-110
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Diagnosing cirrhosis – comprehension in a nut shell
Cyriac Abby Philips
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 111-118
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The advancement and history of breast cancer surgical therapy at a glance
George Dimitrov; George Baytchev; Ivan Inkov; Dimitar Dimitrov
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 119-127
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Awake Videothoracoscopic Resection With The Help Of Thoracal Paravertebral Block: Two Case Report And Review Of Literature
Fazlý Yanýk; Gonul Sagiroglu; Elif Copuroglu; Yekta Altemur Karamustafaoglu
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 128-131
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Small-Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Of Nasopharynx: A Case Report
Khadija Bellahammou; Asmaa Lakhdissi; Othman Akkar; Fadila Kouhen; Fadoua Rais; Souhail Dahraoui; Hind M'rabti; Hassan Errihani
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 132-135
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Isolated bladder rupture in an elderly patient after blunt trauma. Case report and review
Bardia Bidarmaghz; Ryo Mizumoto; Rasika Hendahewa
IJSM. 2017; 3(2): 136-139
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